Honda Civic type R (EK9) Todo School Tomoyuki Initial D


Todo School’s Spoon Sports Honda Civic Type R (EK9) Demo Car Spec & Tomoyuki Street Racing Spec
Future updates might come (tyres, headlights)

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The Todo School’s Spoon Sports Honda Civic Type R (EK9) Demo Car, also known simply as the Civic, the Type R or the EK9, is the Todo School’s demonstration car, most famously driven by Tomoyuki Tachi. It is the third and last Honda Civic seen in the series.

The Todo School’s demonstration car was a Spoon Sports tuned Honda Civic Type R EK9, it was considered a monster by many of the students because of its considerable power and speed. This car is a 1998 Spoon Tuned Honda Civic Type R, chassis code EK9. It is painted Sunlight Yellow.



It is equipped with a Spoon tuned B16B engine, a naturally aspirated engine. It made up to 200hp for the Street Racing Spec according to the fandom and several dyno search on the web

Power got up to 214hp for the touring Demo car spec, referring to some advanced tuning made in GT7 .

By advanced, I mean that things like Bore-up, Stroke-up and balancing are special tweaks made to the block.  those modifications allow a greater high-end power resulting from stiffer springs that put the torque and RPM limit further away from a basic tuning. Red line is set on 9200RPM ECU which is not a very common spec to find online. That’s why the help of GT7 algorithms are key for proper Torque curves in my Mods

This car is based on the Touring car mod you can find free here : but a bunch of adjustment has been made to get this spec from initial D

List of corrections

  • raised height (the car was way to low to be realistic)
  • corrected Torque curves & set UI values resulted from them (modders tend to put engine torque values to the wheels, while AC is using for the physics, resulting in OP cars)
  • softened suspensions (this thing had GT1 stiffness antiroll bar and felt way off the line)
  • added semislicks tire set (Slick on the touring car, not an easy task to get those right atm)
  • carbon fiber hood texture
  • no stickers and license plate for the street spec
  • adjusted Gear Ratios and final gear sets
  • adjusted alignment for Tomoyuki


Custom Parts

  • Spoon SW388 (Black) Rims[2]
  • Spoon Brake Kit[3]
  • Momo Steering Wheel w/Spoon Horn Button[4]
  • Custom Racing Muffler[2]
  • Spoon Carbon Mirrors[2]
  • Spoon Carbon Fiber Hood[2]
  • Bucket Racing red Seats



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