Assetto Corsa LM Hypercar GR010


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LM Hypercar GR010

Supports latest Assetto Corsa version

Current Mod Version: 1.300 (15.09.2023)

Update 1.300:
  • New Physics

LM Hypercar GR010 brings the final 2021 LM Hypercar from the LM Hypercars pack.

Mod includes Ultra-Detailed 3D Model, realistic physics, doors, suspension and driver animations

Addition is using latest Assetto Corsa engine capabilities, including:

  • High Quality 3D Model
  • High Quality 4K Skins
  • Real Brands 4K Skins free download
  • HD Sounds
  • Realistic physics
  • Doors animation
  • Full SOL compatibility
  • Suspension animation
  • Body Template

Mod Credits:

  • Exterior Base 3d Model and textures: KYPMbangi
  • Interior 3d Model and textures: Dominik
  • Sounds: Marco
  • Skins: Alexandr

Real Brands Skins Download:



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